Reviewartikel om röstpatienters självskattning

Datum: 20 March, 2017
Kompetensutveckling, Logopedi

Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research:

Francis et al. (2017)  Voice-Related Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: A Systematic Review of Instrument Development and Validation  

Questionnaire measurement properties varied widely. Important thematic deficiencies were apparent: (a) lack of patient involvement in the item development process, (b) lack of robust construct validity, and (c) lack of clear interpretability and scaling.

Patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures are a principal means of evaluating treatment effectiveness in voice-related conditions. Despite their prominence, available PRO measures have disparate methodological rigor. Care must be taken to understand the psychometric and measurement properties and the applicability of PRO measures before advocating for their use in clinical or research applications.”





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